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One more reason to join the ride, and/or contribute in any way you can…

The WCCC, and many individual riders, know of at least one if not more people currently battling cancer, some of whom are being treated at the Chester County Heamatology / Cancer facility, now known as part of Penn Medicine.

One of those being treated there is me.

I was diagnosed with colon cancer in January 2015, and had surgery later that month. Chemo from February to July last year there, followed by a biologic since, so approximately 40 visits to the Cancer Center, more than anyone should have to endure. The staff has been fantastic and supportive throughout.

I thought I was recovering well, and even went on a 35 mile ride recently, only to discover the next week that the cancer returned to the liver. The tumors are too large to operate on at the moment, so more chemotherapy. I still continue to bike when possible (up to 20 miles), walk, run, waterski, and generally goof around with the kids.

I am very grateful and proud to support both the wonderful staff at the hospital, as well as the biking community in West Chester that makes such an impact there for this wonderful bike event. Believe me, as a patient, the impact is noticeable. I hope to see everyone out on the road soon.

– Mark Gottman

Mark Gottman

Fellow Member, West Chester Cycling Club

“Besides benefitting a great community cause, this race has so many advantages,” said McLauglin, director of Ricoh’s Financial Systems and Management Reporting. “

First, it’s a hub-and-spoke ride, so it starts and finishes at the same location.”

Second, the race offers a variety of distances to cater to the novice and expert cyclist.

Third, the end of the race provides a festival-like atmosphere that really made riders feel appreciated.

Fourth, “the scenery through some less-traveled sections of Chester County is just beautiful,” he believes. “It’s worth doing the ride just to see the sights.”

Mark McLaughlin

of Ricoh Americas Group

In the midst of cancer treatment Frank Dilenschneider found the time to bike in the 2015 Challenge for Cancer Bike Ride. “I would participate in the Cancer Bike Ride again. It was well organized, benefits a great cause, has dedicated sponsors, and lots of volunteers to ensure riders make the correct turns. At the end of the ride there was food and entertainment; it was like a big party.” Frank Dilenschneider

Executive VP, Retail Banking at PNC Bank

“As a cancer survivor, I was originally intimidated by the challenge – it looked like a long and hard bike ride. I then realized that if I could beat cancer, I could train and beat the hills of Chester County. In 2013, I completed the 65 mile loop and actually added a few miles to it! It just shows that if you set your mind to it, you can succeed….”

Peggy S.

Challenge Champion


Bike Line Community Spotlight Feature – HOMETOWN HERO
Mr. Rick Stevenson

Our Chairman, Rick Stevenson graciously agreed to be a part of the new Bike Line Community Spotlight in June. The purpose of the spotlight is to feature people with awesome stories that are a big part of our local cycling community. Thank you very much Rick for your time and unwaivering dedication to the Cancer Ride for the past 18 years! Truly a great accomplishment!
Read more on Rick at

Mr. Rick Stevenson

Chairman, BVHAC Challenge for Cancer Ride