Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the deadline to register and what does it cost?

You may register at a reduced rate if you register early. The rate increases as you get closer to the ride, and you may still register up to and on the day of the event with any day-of registration occurring at the registration desk where you must check in.  For specific rates, or to register on-line today, view the Register page.

What rides are available?

There are several rides to choose from:

  • 5 mile family ride
  • 10 mile family ride
  • 30 mile non-competitive ride
  • 50 mile non-competitive ride
  • 65 mile non-competitive ride

The 30, 50 and 65 mile rides overlap, so you can change your mind at any of the rest stops and either extend your ride, cut it short or staying to your original plan! Please note that all mileages are approximate.

What time do the rides start?

Registration opens at 7:30AM and participants who wish to ride the 50 and 65 miles rides may depart between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. The 30 mile ride begins at 8:30 AM and the 5 and 10 mile rides depart at 9:00 AM. We ask that all longer distance (50, 65 mile) riders be on the course no later than 9:00AM.

Where do the rides start from and end at?

All rides begin and end at 915 Old Fern Hill Road, West Chester, PA 19380. For additional information, view the Directions page.

Where can I park my car?

There is ample parking behind the Fern Hill Medical Campus building at 915 Old Fern Hill Road, West Chester, PA 19380. For additional information, view the Directions page.

Can I collect more donations or offer more money?

Many of our participants collect donations from friends, family, co-workers, etc. Any additional donations are greatly appreciated and all proceeds raised benefit the Cancer Center of Chester County and the Neighborhood Hospice. Corporate Wellness Teams are strongly encouraged to gain support from co-workers, especially if they have a colleague they are riding in honor (or memory) of.

Do I need a helmet?

Yes, you need a helmet and for those who wish, a helmet fitting clinic is available near the registration desk courtesy of Bike Line to ensure your helmet fits correctly. All participants are asked to ensure their bikes are in good working order and are asked to bring suitable hydration with them, especially on the longer rides. There are several rest stops on the longer rides where additional support, nutrition and hydration are available.

What types of bikes can I ride?

You may ride any type of bike that you like and that you feel is suitable for the open-road courses that are followed. Parents of smaller children may choose to walk along side their child for the family rides. A helmet is required for all bike riders.

If I need more information, where can I call?

Although all information is posted on this website, you may contact:

Lauren Roscovich at (610) 431-5328 / Lauren.Roscovich@uphs.upenn.edu 

for more information on the CCCC or to sign-up as a volunteer for the CCCC.

Is there any technical support if I have a problem with my bike?

Yes, there are many forms of technical support. Bike Line is offering assistance before and during the rides. There are also Road Ambassadors – riders like you – who will be patrolling the ride to ensure that a mechanical issue or mishap can receive attention within 1 minute of occurring.

Can I volunteer to help?

The BVHAC Challenge for Cancer depends on its volunteers. Yes, you may volunteer and help in any of a number of ways including road marshalling, rest area support, parking and directions support and much, much more. Please contact Lauren Roscovich at (610) 431-5328 / Lauren.Roscovich@uphs.upenn.edu  for more information on the BVHAC Challenge for Cancer or to sign-up as a volunteer for the BVHAC Challenge for Cancer.

What does a Volunteer do?

Volunteers are asked to be Friendly and Encouraging!!!

Talk to the riders about:

  • Traffic patterns (do not stop cars – stop or delay riders)
  • What to do at the intersection (slow down, all is clear, turn right or left depending on the route, X number of miles to the rest stop)
  • Any road hazards – i.e. gravel, pot holes
  • What is ahead of them in the ride – i.e. left turn at 1.5 mile ahead
  • Any safety issues reported to you
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • How far they have gone

Volunteers are asked to please wear the volunteer t-shirt you will be receiving so you are visible to riders and traffic.

Volunteers do not go onto roads or attempt to stop traffic.

Volunteers must not leave their assignment until relieved by a substitute or when they are dismissed by the “sweep” vehicle that insures that all riders are off the route.

Is the BVHAC Challenge for Cancer part of The Chester County Hospital May Festival?

The BVHAC Challenge for Cancer Bike Ride has historically been part of The Chester County Hospital May Festival. The ride has been moved to June and the May Festival is no longer occuring, so bring the whole family to the Brandywine Valley Heating & Air Conditioning Challenge for Cancer!